Jack In The Box Menu and Prices

Love hamburgers, French fries, tacos, and other delicious fast food? Head to your local Jack In The Box, and you can grab a tasty meal which is sure to satisfy to your cravings. Jack In The Box has a diverse menu, and there is something for everyone. In terms of prices, it is incredibly reasonable too—in line with other fast food restaurants.

Still, for budgeting purposes, you may want to know exactly how much it will cost to eat at Jack In The Box before you head there. You also may be curious what the full menu looks like.

Below, you can view the full menu for The In The Box. But here are a few useful things to know:

  • A hamburger at Jack In The Box ranges in price anywhere from $3.19-$7.29, depending on what you want to order.
  • Chicken sandwiches and other chicken menu items are in the same price range as hamburgers.
  • Breakfast items range anywhere from $1.00-$5.09.
  • There is a value menu which allows you to save money by ordering some of Jack In The Box’s less expensive items.
  • Kid’s Combos are available as well, and also priced lower than regular menu items.
  • Most snacks and sides range up to $3 in price.
  • Desserts cost under $2, except for shakes and smoothies, which may cost up to $3.99. Beverages range up to $2.69.

Jack In The Box Menu Categories

When you walk up to a Jack In The Box, you will see the following menu categories:

  • Burgers
  • Chicken & Salads
  • Tacos, Fries & Sides
  • Breakfast
  • Brunchfast®
  • Late Night
  • Shakes & Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Value Menu

Jack In The Box Menu Prices

Below, you can view the full menu and pricing for Jack In The Box.

Jack In The Box Nutrition Facts and Calories

See more menu items and detailed Jack In The Box nutrition facts.

Jack In The Box Secret Menu

One thing you may not know about Jack In The Box is that it is an example of a fast food restaurant which has a “secret menu” (in the same tradition as In-N-Out). In other words, there are substitutions and additions you can sometimes order which are not blatantly listed anywhere on the official menu. You simply have to know to ask for them if you want them.

Note that you will not always get your way. Whether a particular franchise is open to honouring your request depends on the availability of ingredients as well as that franchise’s policies. Some Jack In The Box restaurants may regularly do these additions and substitutions, while others may refuse.

Here are the Jack In The Box secret menu items which restaurant-goers are currently reporting are available:

  • Extra Cheese: Add extra slices of cheese to your sandwich. $0.40 each.
  • Extra Hamburger Patties: Add more hamburger patties to your sandwich. $1.00 each.
  • Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger: Add Bacon Bits to your Bacon Cheeseburger: $0.20+.
  • Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger: Substitute a chiabatta bun for a regular hamburger bun in the Bacon Cheeseburger: No extra charge.
  • Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: If you are ordering a grilled breakfast sandwich, this option allows you to add on more sausage or turkey (or reportedly anything else within reason). $0.40 per addition.
  • Mint OREO Cookie Shake: Switch out the vanilla ice cream usually used in this shake and substitute mint ice cream instead: $2.79.
  • Sourdough Bread: Substitute sourdough bread for a regular hamburger bun for any sandwich: $0.50.

If some of these menu items seem a bit familiar, that may be because they used to be on the regular official menu. For example, the Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger was quite a popular menu item a few years back, but it is gone. Another example is the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger.

Even though these items were discontinued, they were so beloved that fans are still clamouring for them. Again, not every franchise will make you a Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger or Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger, but you could luck out.

What are the Hours of Operation for Jack In The Box?

The Jack In The Box hours of operation could not be easier to remember: they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This is one of the most exciting things about Jack In The Box. When all other restaurants are closed for the night and you get a hankering for a burger and fries at 2 in the morning, you can get it at Jack In The Box.

Most Jack In The Box franchise locations are open on holidays as well. So when other restaurants are closed for the holidays and food options are limited, you can be assured that Jack In The Box will be ready and waiting to serve you.

What If You Have Allergies or Special Dietary Needs?

Finally, you may be wondering whether you can enjoy all of Jack In The Box’s mouth-watering menu items even if you have allergies or other special dietary needs.

Jack In The Box has published a full allergens reference guide, which you can find here. This guide doesn’t just list menu items which contain common allergens, but also lists menu items which were reviewed and found to produce allergic reactions because of exposure to allergens during processing.

Once you have reviewed the PDF linked above, you will know exactly which foods are safe to eat even with your allergies. You also will know which menu items contain wheat, which can help you avoid gluten if you are on a gluten-free or gluten-restricted diet.

Jack In The Box Offers Delicious Fast Food At Affordable Prices

Now you know all about Jack In The Box’s extensive menu and affordable prices—and you even know about the secret menu items. Jack In The Box is open 24/7, so you can drop by anytime, day or night. Whether you order a hamburger and fries, tacos, or something off the breakfast menu, chicken menu or value menu, you will be sure to enjoy both the scrumptious food and the low prices!


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