Salads: A Vibrant Toss of Taste

Daniela Kelly January 09, 2019
 Salads: A Vibrant Toss of Taste

Salads are the comforting bowls of delicious colourful crunch that are filling and extremely healthy. It is the quickest tummy pleaser during early mornings, a great pick for odd hour hunger pangs, a fabulous appetizer, and also an excellent packed lunch for office. The inviting element of salads is it can be quickly tossed up with anything at hand or elaborately customized according to taste preferences. Salads can be made with veggies, herbs, fresh fruits, dried fruits, meat, and even eggs.

3 Different Salads

Since people have unique taste preferences, therefore, enlisted below are three types of salads with distinct ingredients.

Roast Chicken Caesar Salad

This “Roast Chicken Salad” is named after Chef Caesar Cardin. One day, in the year 1924, the chef served a salad to his customers in his Tijuana, Mexico restaurant. It was not based on any recipe but on the fresh ingredients available in his restaurant’s kitchen. The classic jamming of crunchy cucumbers, lovely green lettuce leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, roast chicken (breast pieces) along with some mayonnaise & yoghurt dressing earned an instant fan following. Its popularity remains till date and is served in a variety of restaurants with a slight twist of ingredients.

Green Grape Salad

Fruit salads are loved by all simply for their amazing freshness and natural sweetness that feels exclusively rejuvenating.

The Green Grape Salad is a superb trick to enjoy chilled fruit delight in place of high-calorie fruit ice-cream. This is a super quick and easy recipe where the grapes are coated with a smooth sour cream & cream cheese mixture (vanilla & sugar being choice-based add-ons). The nicely coated grapes are covered and left to chill in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. At the time of serving some sprinkling of brown sugar and pecans makes it a delightful dessert to savour with friends & family. The Green Grape Salad has always been a crowd pleaser when served in summer parties.

Dried Fruit Salad

Packing up a small box of dried fruit salad is the best way to keep oneself energized throughout the day. To enjoy an incredible Dry Fruit Salad, toss up some dried figs, dried apricots, golden raisins, prunes, dried cranberries and pine nuts with honey. The nutty and chewy textures of the dried fruits get a luscious golden glaze and sweetness from the honey. They taste exquisite while infusing the body with vigour.

Travellers, mountaineers, and hiking enthusiasts are well aware and hugely benefit by including dry fruit salad in their rack-sack! Dry fruits contain nutrients, proteins, and oils that are advantageous to maintain a fit body and healthy brain function.

It’s right about time to crack the myth that salads aren’t tasty! Salads in truth taste delicious, look appealing, smell amazing and are also healthy. Just beware of the fact that not all salads are low in calories. It’s a smart move to know the ingredients and make a rough estimate of the calorie count for those who plan on incorporating salads in their daily diet routine.


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