Amato’s Shuts Down After Nearly 50 Years In Business

 Amato’s Shuts Down After Nearly 50 Years In Business

After four decades in business, Amato’s Café & Catering in Omaha has closed its doors. The popular restaurant, known for its Italian sausage and ricotta pancakes, stopped serving the public June 23.

Sam Amato, who died a few years back, began the business almost 50 years ago – starting with a food truck and then moved to establishments. His current building on Center Street and 64th Avenue was opened in 1993.

Ann, Sam’s wife, also worked with him in the restaurant. Before his death, the couple had talked about when it was time to wrap the business up. They wanted to spend more time with their family, including the grandchildren.

After his death, Ann continued with the business with her son Tony Amato. According to Tony, his dad liked joking that Amato’s was a place people could laugh out loud and put their elbows on the table. He said it was the kind of place where everybody knew everyone’s name. Tony said he was grateful for the customers’ loyalty over the years.

The restaurant has been featured on both Man vs. Food (Travel Channel) and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (Food Network).

Ann said the restaurant was a labor of love, and the customers became part of the family. She said saying goodbye will be hard, but the time is right to close the restaurant. According to Ann, they will hold an online auction to sell off the restaurant supplies.

The location where Amato’s is located has been purchased already.