Soups: Decoding the Warm Secrets

Daniela Kelly January 11, 2019
 Soups: Decoding the Warm Secrets

Restaurants always have an assortment of soups in their menu as it forms a key element to the meal. Furthermore, soups & stews have earned a special place in the food business as more and more people are opting to keep a check on their diet and stay fit. Soups are a befitting choice as they contain all the elements (minerals, proteins, fats, vitamins & carbohydrates) to keep the consumer energized throughout the day while being low in calories.

Diet-Friendly Soups

A quick take on some soup varieties to try at home or order in restaurants for a “happy tummy” on the inside and glowing skin on the outside!

Tomato & Carrot Soup

The rich dense vibrant red tomato soup is a mass favourite. Tomato soup is a common appetizer that’s superiorly healthy. This is a wonderful delicious bowl to add to the meal during any hour of the day/night. The density of the tomatoes can always be adjusted to suit individual preferences. The smooth texture of the boiled and pureed tomatoes & carrots get creamier with a dollop of fresh cream. The flavours are exclusively heightened when garnished with croutons & fragrant mint/basil leaves.

Tomato soups are excellent for maintaining healthy bones as they contain Vitamin K & calcium. Bone density is enhanced by the presence of lycopene in tomato soups which aid in battling osteoporosis. Carrots, on the other hand, have amazing anti-oxidant properties and contain Vitamin A that helps in improving vision.

Borscht Soup

The borscht soup is actually a stew that includes multiple ingredients combining both vegetables and meat. There is always the option to enjoy vegetarian borscht soup. The non-vegetarian borscht is usually made with pork or beef. The stew’s gorgeous attractive colour comes from beets and red cabbage. As for the other vegetables, it contains garlic, onions, fennel bulbs etc. For flavours and texture thyme sprigs, vinegar, chicken broth, honey and sour cream are often added. Overall, this stew is a filling meal in itself.

Borscht is a highly nutritious stew. It’s a superb choice as its meat provides the daily protein need. Vitamin C in beet & cabbage are excellent for heart health. It’s a delectable recipe for healing inflammation and joint pains. Borsch is also highly nourishing for the skin, hair & nails.

Sweet Corn Soup

The simple sweet corn soup is worth a mention as this is a brilliant yummy option for expecting mothers. The beautiful golden luscious sweet corns are enjoyed by adults/elderly too. Moreover, this is a great healthy pick when ordering food for babies/toddlers in restaurants. This soup is light. Along with the sweet corns, it may contain potatoes, beans, peas or spring onions.

The warm buttery sweet corn soup contains Vitamin B13, iron, folic acid, as well as iron. It works like magic for the skin; helps control blood sugar levels, and boosts energy.

Next time when ordering food online, booking a table for dinner or brainstorming a breakfast recipe, try a bowl of soothing warm soup!