Top 5 Tips For Foodies

Daniela Kelly December 17, 2018
 Top 5 Tips For Foodies

Are you trying to widen your knowledge in gastronomy by dining in different restaurants and checking out new dishes? Here are some tips to maximize your experience in a restaurant:

1. Talk To The Chef and Ask About The Menu!

Have you ever experienced eating something so good, you get to think that “It’s impossible that it’s this good!”? Well, the best way who can answer such thought is none other than the chef or the staffs themselves. It never hurts to talk to the chefs making your food. Chefs provide you a different perspective when it comes to describing a dish compared to what is usually stated in a menu. They talk about food in a scientific and artistic way such that you understand the intricacy of making a specific dish. Not only do you learn about the dishes’ composition but you also get a glimpse of the cooking style of different chefs and restaurants. For this, you won’t get shy asking them about it because chefs are usually enthusiastic when asked about the dishes they make!

2. Try Every Restaurant’s Specialty Dish

If you’re going to a restaurant serving a specific cuisine, then it is only acceptable that you try their specialty dish. Specialty dishes usually falls under the chef’s expertise and usually makes the restaurant stand out. If one of your buddies know that you’ve gone to a specific restaurant, you’ll probably asked if you have tried its’ specialty dish. No worries though, most specialty dishes are delicious enough that you’ll end up raving about it!

3. Pick One Standard Dish And One Unique Dish From The Menu

If you’ve encountered a dish that is common for most restaurants then it’s best to try it. What’s a better way to judge a restaurant than to try a dish you’ve eaten many times? In this manner, you can compare and determine the style of the restaurant! If you encounter a unique dish, you should try it too. Most restaurants offer unique experiences to customers because of their unique dishes. By trying out something new, you’ll never know - you might just taste your new favorite!

4. Don’t Let Pictures Fool You!!!

Most menus usually contain pictures of dishes and as customers who are hungry for good food, we are easily fooled by the visuals. Just like the common saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, most dishes need not to be beautiful to taste yummy. As a matter of fact, some dishes that taste the best look boring on photos. Instead of chasing the best-looking food, chase the best-tasting food by asking the staff what are the ingredients, how the dish was cooked and what are the recommended dishes. This also saves you from disappointment whenever the food you’ve been looking forward to does not meet your expectations in terms of presentation. A tasty food that looks good on photo will last for a few seconds, but a yummy food that fills your stomach will give you good memories!

5. Read Reviews From Foodies Prior Dining

Is it your first time visiting a specific restaurant? Try reading reviews from bloggers and websites to get an idea on what’s best to order, what dishes are good for combination and most importantly to know what and what not to expect during your dining experience!