Wendy’s Will Begin Offering Breakfast Menu Nationwide 2020

 Wendy’s Will Begin Offering Breakfast Menu Nationwide 2020

Wendy’s will begin offering its breakfast menu throughout the nation in 2020 and is going to employ 20,000 people to help serve the morning meal.

According to the fast-food chain, there are currently a little more than 300 restaurants that offer breakfast. Wendy’s has been one of the few restaurants still not to offer breakfast until now.

Wendy’s President and CEO Todd Penegor said the launch of breakfast in its U.S. restaurants offers a plethora of growth opportunities for the company. He said the company has been positioned in such a way to go after it – with the right organization and team to ensure the favorites of Wendy’s are added to the breakfast menu.

Most might believe this is Wendy’s first time to try a breakfast menu, but it’s not. In the mid-1980s, the company offered a morning menu that consisted of French toast, omelets and toasted sandwiches. However, the wait time for customers was too long, and it was eventually discontinued.

Wendy’s, in preparation of the launch, has made a one-time $20 million investment and has cut its 2019 forecast. Further information about the breakfast launch will be offered Oct. 11 (Wendy’s Investor Day).

No doubt the battle for customers at breakfast has been catching fire the last few years with chains such as Taco Bell, Starbucks, Sonic and Burger King adding to their menu to include such offerings.