Famous Food Network Chef Shutting Down Restaurant After A Year

Daniela Kelly May 11, 2020
 Famous Food Network Chef Shutting Down Restaurant After A Year

A famous Food Network check is closing down his Sacramento restaurant – Culinerdy Kitchen – after only one year in business.

The restaurant, which is owned by Keith Breedlove, is well-known for its flavorful combinations and stacked burgers. The chef started his career in the food business with its Culinerdy Cruzer food truck. According to the chef, along with his wife, Amy, said via his Facebook business page that various mitigating factors that hindered them from achieving long-term success.

He didn’t provide any specific information on those factors.

Breedlove said they opened the eatery, hoping and dreaming for something bigger with the long and support of many people. He said the couple was heartbroken by the move and grieving for the loss.

Breedlove asked customers to stop by the restaurant until they closed, which would be soon.

He said they were proud of what was accomplished in the year, which often included seven days a week, 14-hour days. Breedlove said the couple worked hard before but never like they did before opening the Culinerdy Kitchen.

He wrote, via Facebook, that they were extremely proud and grateful to their employees and guests who will always be with them. He thanked all those who played games at their tables and laughed with them.

Breedlove was a contestant on the “Guy’s Grocery Games,” which aired on the Food Network and was a guest chef for the “Guy’s Big Bite.”


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