The Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Food in Bulk

Daniela Kelly November 15, 2017
 The Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Food in Bulk

Buying food in bulk has become a common way for people to help them reduce their grocery bills. To some people buying their favorite name brand foods by the pounds at reasonable prices is like a dream come true. However, they have made the same common mistake that many others have made when it comes to buying food in bulk. They have failed to consider the pros and cons to buying food in bulk before they start grocery shopping. It is important that people are well aware of both in order to make good purchasing decisions for their households.

Pros for Buying Food in Bulk:

Saving Money

Shopping in bulk at wholesale stores is a great way for people to save incredible amounts of money, especially for those on a budget. The prices of food products by the pound are significantly lower in comparison to those packaged in smaller quantities. This can make all the difference to people who have large families or are in debt. People can use the extra money to reduce their debt or to cover unexpected emergencies as they may occur.

Stocking Up

It is a great feeling to see the pantry fully stocked with your favorite food items. Buying food in bulk quanitites is a sure way to making certain that the pantry remains full. Purchasing food in this manner makes grocery shopping and stocking up seem less of a daunting task to people.

Make Fewer Trips to the Store

Bulk buying allows people to purchase their food in massive bulk quantities all at once. This means making fewer trips to the store to replenish food items. In addition, people will be able to save both time and gas used on accomplishing this task. This is definitely a win-win situation!

Emergency Preparedness

Unfortunately, disasters do occur. If they do happen to you, having a few days or weeks worth of non-perishables in bulk on hand can provide people with some comfort in making through it.

Cons for Buying Food in Bulk:

Wasted Food

One of the common disadvantages to buying food in bulk is food being wasted because people forget about it. This situation often leads to the food being well beyond its expiration date. Then, the bulk food becomes old, stale, and mouldy. As a result, the food is tossed out.

Storage Issues

When buying food in bulk, people should keep in mind how well they can store the food in their households. People should make sure that they can store the food appropriately to prevent them from becoming stale. This means having pantries large enough to hold large quantities of food. In addition, it means storing the food either in plastic storage bags or containers to keep the air out. Purchasing these plastic storage bags or containers can become more of an expense than expected.

Reduced Quality

In some cases, bulk food items are not high quality in comparison to single packaged items. Buying a case of beer that is much cheaper compared to the reasonably priced beer is more than likely not going to taste as well. Buying food in bulk provides people with the false perception that they are receiving savings with all things being equal. This perception leads to people sacrificing quality in the food they consume.

Buying food in bulk is a great way for people to save money. However, buying in bulk may not be the right decision for everyone. It is important people keep in mind the pros and cons of buying in bulk before they start shopping. This will prevent people from wasting time, money, and food.