Farrell’s Be No More In California

Daniela Kelly August 10, 2019
 Farrell’s Be No More In California

The one and only Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour still in operation in northern Orange County has shut down. The Brea restaurant was the last of seven to have survived after the company was revived in 2009. Other locations included Eastridge Mall in San Jose, Serramonte Center in Daly City, Freemont Fashion Center in Fremont and Alpha Beta Center in Sunnyvale.

In the 1970s, Farrell’s was the place to be for a kid’s party. It had a vibrant, loud atmosphere, tacky Gay Nineties theme and large ice cream creatures served on platters for its customers.

While there is nothing remarking about the closure on the Brea’s closure on its Facebook page or website, attempts were made to call the location, but no messages could be left due to the inbox being full in the voicemail.

Bob Farrell, of Portland, Oregon founded Farrell’s in 1963. He owned over 50 restaurants in the West by 1970. When it was attained by Marriott Corporation the next year, there were over 130 locations around the nation. In 1988, a San Francisco investment group bought Farrell’s, but most stores shuttered operations by 1990. The original Farrell’s location in Eugene, Oregon shut down in 2006.

However, Parlour Enterprises, Inc. brought the company back in 2009 after it bought the rights to it. Over the next several years, it opened seven stores – Sacramento, Riverside, Buena Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Mission Viejo, Santa Clarita and Brea.

Another company opened Hawaii’s eight Farrell’s, and those closed down in 2016.

The brand and idea are owned by Marcus Lemonis, and after he closed down the Buena Park shop, he said he was holding onto it – perhaps to “retool” the brand when the time comes. He said he was waiting for the right window to come along and open.

In 1972, Farrell’s Sacramento store suffered from a huge aviation tragedy. A jet at an air show nearby was unable to gain any altitude and crashed into the shop. There were 22 deaths; 12 of them children, as the store was hosting a party for a local youth football team.


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