Taco Bell Adding Vegetarian Menu To Kiosks

 Taco Bell Adding Vegetarian Menu To Kiosks

Taco Bell may be the favorite choice for drunks who want tasty, greasy food, but believe it or not, the Tex-Mex fast-food chain is also the place for a healthy diet. It doesn’t matter if you want to cut calories, avoid dairy or are focused on a plant-based diet; Taco Bell may be the place to get this and more.

And, that’s why it’s introducing the Veggie Mode menu, which will give vegetarians an easier time to order their food.

Upon activation, consumers can use the single-swipe feature to unlock approximately 50 American Vegetarian Associated-approved items at its self-service kiosks. The menu has all the items the company has already unveiled with its all-vegetarian menu, but some new menu swaps have led to some new creations.

For instance, the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito was altered, and the company now offers a Layered Vegetarian Burrito. For the Chalupa Supreme, there is the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme. The Chicken Soft Taco is now the Black Bean Soft Taco.

Chalupa shells, potato bites and hash browns have been added to the vegetarian menu as well.

The new Veggie Mode becomes active on March 12.