NoCal Restaurant Refuses To Follow Governor Mask Mandate

 NoCal Restaurant Refuses To Follow Governor Mask Mandate

A restaurant in Northern California is suspected of asking its customers to take off their masks despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The restaurant, Apple Bistro in Placerville, has posted a sign that discourages mask-wearers inside their dining room, which has led to complaints from people eating in the restaurant. According to the posted sign, there is no social distancing, no oxygen deprivation masks and no latex dirty germ spreaders allowed.

A woman posted on social media said she was asked to leave the café for wearing her mask. She said it was a stop she made when coming up to her cabin, but she won’t be doing it again.

Connie is another customer who doubts that people are being turned away for wearing masks. She said the restaurant is social distancing and believes the sign is a joke. She said she went in herself and people were wearing masks.

According to the owner, he said he doesn’t agree with the rules the county health department enacted and won’t be implementing them himself.

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom has mandated that people wear masks in public as cases in the state have spiked. In an emergency meeting in early July, local health authorities were permitted to suspend business’ health permits if they defy the guidelines.

John Hidahl, El Dorado County supervisor, said he’s not looking to kill their business, but they do need to help them understand the right process to operate. The county health department has received several complaints about staff not implementing and following guidelines and is considering pulling its license. Warnings are likely to be issued, and if a second warning is warranted, their license to serve food will be suspended.