Fiorellas Unique Walls Are Talk Of Town

Daniela Kelly May 24, 2019
 Fiorellas Unique Walls Are Talk Of Town

A San Francisco restaurant’s food isn’t the only reason for its popularity. Its walls are making waves.

Fiorellas has become an Instagram sensation after a group of artists, “Lonely Island” asked Matt Ritchie, an illustrator from Castro Valley, if he would draw four Bay Are characters and landmarks so they could be made into a wallpaper.

It was Fiorellas who was the first business to purchase this wallpaper.

Brandon Gillis, Fiorellas managing partner, said the moment they saw the wallpaper, they knew it was a representation of the business. He said this is what they wanted to do for the neighborhood restaurant. He said there’s no other place a person can go to find Joe Montana, Too Short, Alice Water or Mac Dre.

Ritchie said he took time and researched each person he drew. For example, he looked into Joe Montana’s career, looking at various photos for reference and then pieced them together. According to Ritchie, each character drawing took him 30 hours, with over a year to complete the entire wallpaper.

Ritchie said he never felt like a historian when he was drawing the characters. He said it was never my intention, but that he notices people are responding to the artwork and it’s creating some nostalgia.

A second Fiorellas location has opened up, and Ritchie is already getting requests to add characters to the history wall.

Ritchie said he’s already got a few characters in mind that he likes.


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