Roosevelt’s Appeals Liquor License Revocation

 Roosevelt’s Appeals Liquor License Revocation

Roosevelt’s is appealing the decision of the Department of Consumer Protection to revoke the restaurant’s liquor license.

The agency made the decision to revoke the license on Feb. 26.

According to the report, Roosevelt’s owner admitted to a special agent investigating an April 2018 complaint that they bought liquor from a package store instead of a wholesaler. The package store liquor was found at the business again in August 2018. And, there were issues with sanitation.

The DCP held a hearing Feb. 14, but nobody came to represent Roosevelt’s. Still, the restaurant has filed an appeal motion with the Liquor Control Commission to reassess its decision to revoke the permit. This would allow the restaurant to stay open during this time.

DCP Director of Communications Lora Rae Anderson said a permittee that fails to show up at the hearing can make this motion. While it’s pending, the restaurant can stay in business. A decision on the matter will be made within a month.

Theodore Hines is listed at Roosevelt’s owner.

The restaurant failed to pass two health inspections in 2018 – August and September- but passed in December with a 90 out of 100. A passing grade is any score above 80 with no four-point health violations.