Chick-fil-A introducing New Healthier Choices To Menu

 Chick-fil-A introducing New Healthier Choices To Menu

Chick-fil-A introduced its mac & cheese some time back, and it’s been kept in stock due to a high demand. It can be purchased as a side or a replacement to waffle fries. You can get the mac & cheese in the kids’ meal or the combo meal. With five different kinds of cheese going into it, it’s no wonder people are flipping out for it.

Chick-fil-A’s kale crunch salad is delicious and fresh – an alternative to fries. The salad is a mixture of cabbage, Dijon mustard and apple cider vinaigrette and roasted almonds.

The company also offers a grilled chicken wrap (with or without tomatoes) and fruit cups for those looking for healthier options.

There are several ways to place an order through the chain’s app. For inside dining, consumers scan the app and collect points to attain free food. Consumers can also put a drive-through order before pulling up. A number is on every table, so instead of waiting in the line to order, you can put in a mobile order and choose the table number, and the food will be brought to you.

Consumers can check out the new menu line up at