Taco Bell Has Always Been Vegetarian-Friendly; Has Two New Items To Its Menu

Daniela Kelly September 28, 2019
 Taco Bell Has Always Been Vegetarian-Friendly; Has Two New Items To Its Menu

Taco Bell may not be offering “alternative meats,” but the popular Mexican fast-food restaurant is offering a “vegetarian menu” that’s not new but is new.

The company, which began its new vegetarian menu board on Sept. 12, is offering two new menu items – Black Bean Quesarito and Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme. It will also include the Bean Burrito and 7-Layer Burrito.

The company wrote that even though other fast-food restaurants were diving into the meatless arena, Taco Bell was already offering vegetarian options. In a statement, the company said the bean burrito was introduced to the menu 50 years ago and is one of the company’s most profitable menu items.

Taco Bell received recognition by the American Vegetarian Association in 2015 as the first quick-serve restaurant providing vegetarian foods.

The restaurant chain said, in January, it was going to test a committed vegetarian menu that included new menu boards and items.

Besides the four items listed on the vegetarian menus, another nine vegetarian items were added to the larger menu that consumers could easily determine by the vegetarian symbol.

There are currently 36 certified vegetarian ingredients; 26 of which are vegan. With them, there are over eight million ways in which to customize orders.

Taco Bell Global Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews said vegetarian food should not be regarded as compromising food and not limited to a single item.

The company did note that there would be possible cross-contamination as ingredients would be handled in tandem - something sensitive vegetarians need to keep in mind.


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