Golden Corral Menu and Prices

No matter what you are hungry for, you’ll find a huge variety of delicious dishes to satisfy you at the Golden Corral buffet. Whether you go for a Salisbury steak, pizza, enchiladas, or a healthy salad, Golden Corral’s tasty cuisine will hit the spot.

But how much does it cost to eat at Golden Corral? The prices are quite low, considering it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Many nights, you can eat dinner for around $12, and even steak and shrimp night is just a couple dollars more. Lunch costs even less—generally around $9. Golden Corral is awesome if you have a house full of hungry kids to feed, since they can each eat for under $7 (those under 3 years old eat for FREE).

Golden Corral Senior Specials

If you are a senior, Golden Corral has some great deals ins tore for you! Those over age 60 can enjoy the Golden Corral Senior’s Buffet. You can have lunch for just around $8, or dinner for around $12 with beverages for about $2. If you want to save even more, you can show up for the Senior Early Bird Special on Monday-Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. This allows you to enjoy the Golden Corral dinner buffet plus drinks for only about $8.

Notice: The prices listed on this page are provided for reference only. The actual prices may vary depending on your Golden Corral branch location.

Golden Corral Military Appreciation Night

Another special which Golden Corral runs is the Military Appreciation Night Thank You Meal.

This is a completely free meal for any person who has served in the US military, including active duty members, retirees, veterans and National Guard or Reserves. Family members who have not served do need to pay for their meals, but they are welcome to attend.

Over the sixteen years that Golden Corral has been running Military Appreciation Nights, the restaurant has served more than 5.1 million free meals. During that time, they have also donated more than $12.9 million to Disabled American Veterans.

You can check when the next Golden Corral Military Appreciation Night is scheduled here.

Golden Corral Golden Corral

Golden Corral Menu Categories

Now let’s check out Golden Corral’s menu! You will find that the menu is divided into the following categories:

Golden Corral Buffet Packages & Prices

Golden Corral buffet serves up a hearty buffet of delicious comfort food without breaking the bank. Below, you can view the packages.

Golden Corral Golden Corral

What Are the Hours of Operation?

You can eat at Golden Corral 7 days a week. You need to look up the specific franchise you want to visit to find out their exact hours. Not every location serves breakfast either.

Most Golden Corral restaurants observe the following hours:

Lunch and Dinner:
11 am through 10 pm

Saturday Breakfast:
7:30 am through 11 am

Sunday Breakfast:
7:30 am through 11 am

What about the holidays? Golden Corral is open for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but their hours are different and vary significantly by location. So it is best to look up the franchise nearest you to find out when you should show up for your holiday meal.

Golden Corral Golden Corral

Can You Eat at Golden Corral If You Have Allergies?

Golden Corral has a PDF available for customers with allergies who are worried about allergens in food such as milk, soy, nuts, or wheat.

Click on the link above and you can view the full Golden Corral menu with notes on potential allergens for each and every item. This will let you know exactly which menu items are safe to eat based on your dietary needs.

Other Special Dietary Needs

Speaking of dietary needs, Golden Corral also has special menus for those with the following dietary requirements:

  • Gluten-Free
  • No Sugar Added
  • Sugar Free
  • Farm Fresh Vegetables

Learn all about Golden Corral’s healthy menus here.

Golden Corral Nutrition Facts and Calories

See more menu items and detailed Golden Corral nutrition facts.

Additionally, those who are concerned with animal welfare will be happy to know that Golden Corral has recently announced their commitment to only serve eggs from cage-free chickens. It will take a ten year period to achieve this goal in full because of supply challenges, but franchises around the country have already begun making the switch to cage-free.

There Is Something For Everyone At Golden Corral

Now you have discovered the full menu for Golden Corral buffet-style restaurants! As you can see, there is something which will hit the spot for every customer, and the food is all incredibly reasonably priced!