Ways To Bring New Customers Into Your Restaurant

Daniela Kelly May 03, 2017
 Ways To Bring New Customers Into Your Restaurant

Every since the recession began in 2008, restaurants have been struggling to stay in business and make a profit. Eating out, which was once an almost daily or weekly activity for many people is now often a real luxury. Restaurants who once had their seats filled on a nightly basis are now struggling to keep their doors open and searching for ways to entice customers who are dining out, to do at their establishments. It isn't easy, to find ways to gain those new customers that is cost efficient for the restaurant but, here are some ideas that just may help.

Try a Pie or Cake Raffle

If your restaurant has quality made on the premises baked goods then why not try holding a pie or cake raffle during the holiday season for one or two nights. All anyone has to do to enter the raffle is be present and a dinner at your restaurant. Everyone loves getting something for free and a chance to win a free pie or cake will help to fill those seats on the night or nights of the raffle. Simply make enough of these desserts to raffle off one every hour during raffle night.

Money Saving Restaurant Coupons

Entice people to eat out by offering money saving restaurant coupons. Everyone is looking for a way to save money these days and offering people a chance to dine out for less is a big enticement for many people. Make sure the coupon offers real savings and has a beginning date as well as a date of expiration. You'll also want to offer the coupons through the restaurant's website and on Facebook so more people will be aware of the coupon and what it offers.

Lunch With Santa, Rudolph, The Easter Bunny, or The Great Pumpkin

Holidays can be a great time to bring in guest to restaurant especially if you are a kid friendly restaurant. Simply talk one of your employees into dressing up like Santa, a reindeer, the Easter bunny or the great pumpkin and publicize that kids can have lunch with your special guest. It is a fun event for kids and their family and gives your restaurant the reputation of catering to the needs and wants of smaller guests and their parents.

Have a Theme Night

If you have an establishment in a smaller area where there isn't a lot of different cultural dining experiences to choose from holding a theme night once a month or even once a week, could really help keep business flowing into your restaurant. People enjoy trying cuisines from different places around the world and almost every culture has a few simple recipes you could offer on special during theme night. Add a little mood music and you might just find you have a packed house during this night.

Because dining out is now more of a luxury than a casual affair, your customers are looking for more than good food when they dine out. They want an experience that makes them feel that the money they spent was well worth it all. By giving your customers a little extra, you can fill your seats and earn customer loyalty will help your restaurant keep moving forward and turn a nice tidy profit.


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