Uber Eats Now Offers Dine-In Ordering Option For Consumers

Daniela Kelly August 07, 2019
 Uber Eats Now Offers Dine-In Ordering Option For Consumers

Uber is trying out a new option for its Uber Eats service, which allows consumers to eat their preordered food at the restaurant instead of home. The Dine-In option is available in Austin, Dallas, San Diego and Tucson and appears to work with the service’s delivery service and pickup options.

The program allegedly allows consumers to skip the line when ordering ahead and just sit down and enjoy their food.

According to Uber, the goal is to let restaurants do what they’re good at, which is delivering great service and delicious food. When customers order and pay by the app, it streamlines the entire experience.

According to the FAQ page, people can order their meal to be ready now or at a particular time. Order status updates are also offered. The only thing a person has to do is go to the restaurant and get their meal.

While Uber waives its delivery and services fees, the Uber Eats app prices are typically more than the restaurant’s. According to Uber, the restaurant will get 100 percent of the tips, which is given through the app or in person.

Uber said it was constantly looking at ways in which to better its service; this being a test feature for customers in selected cities. The company didn’t specify if the feature would be seen in other cities.

Since Uber Eats began in 2015, it’s become an integral part of the company. The company has allowed Eats orders inside the main app. And, even though it made $7.8 billion for the company in 2018, the service still cost the company money.

The dine-in option felt like a natural way for Uber Eats to expand its service, as it gives restaurants who don’t provide delivery services an alternative. It also helps to free tables up faster and offers a cross-promotion potential between the original ride-hailing service and Uber Eats. While the app doesn’t provide customers a way to use Uber to get a ride to the restaurant, the company is looking at ways it can build the Eats business.


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