Taco Bell Cantinas Bring More Than Just Alcohol To Dining Atmosphere

Daniela Kelly August 31, 2019
 Taco Bell Cantinas Bring More Than Just Alcohol To Dining Atmosphere

Not too long ago, Taco Bell expanded itself by offering booze in its restaurants calling them Taco Bell Cantinas. While there is a handful of them opened in the U.S., the company is looking to increase that number by 300 by the year 2022.

Taco Bell Cantinas are an upscale version of the typically-seen Taco Bell with stylish décor, sharable menus and alcoholic drinks such as local beer and frozen margaritas. While the décor may resemble the traditional restaurants that don’t serve alcohol, it may not be much longer before a Taco Bell Cantina comes to your hometown.

A Taco Bell Cantinas opened in New York City close to Penn Station, and customers may find that its appeal is far more distinctive than the usual non-alcohol-serving Taco Bell. It may also be the first thing people notice about it. As customers walk up to the New York City restaurant, they’ll see an “I Love New York” type of sign with the company’s logo shining brightly.

Inside, the décor includes hanging lamps of different sizes and shapes, along with a vibrant graffiti mural that brings out the restaurant’s lively yet casual feel.

To keep in line with millennials’ need for quick and easy, customers can use the large computer kiosks rather than the counter. This eliminates the need for lines or having orders misheard by personnel. The kiosks come with pictures of every menu item to ensure customers get what they want. They can even make modifications if they must.

Some of the drinks that can be purchased include a Margarita Freeze that comes with La Quiere agave wine. There is also the Ron Copa Rica fermented rum and Petrov Reserve fermented vodka.

After customers order and pay at the kiosk, they show their ID to pick up drinks.

There is no drive-thru with the New York City Taco Bell Cantinas, but there are communal two-toned wood tables and music that ensure the dining atmosphere isn’t like usual Taco Bell.


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