Risks About Street Food: Allergens and Possible Poisoning

Daniela Kelly December 26, 2018
 Risks About Street Food: Allergens and Possible Poisoning

If we talk about a delicate business, food takes the first place way back at home. Why does this happen? Easy, many people around the world can be allergic to something, some ingredients couldn’t be fresh enough to guarantee our bodies everything they need, and food can be poisoned by any bacteria and stop counting.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to turn this into a battle bringing to us a huge headache when we are going to eat elsewhere that is not in our homes. In this case, there are two main options to guarantee a safer way to eat and they are: learn to choose a restaurant avoiding the exposure to allergens and know what to do in case of a possible food poisoning.

As every human, we eat with our eyes, but if you are allergic to something you must have specific care with all that colorful menu features that you don’t know how they are going to react into your body.

  • An Allergist Is The First Step: If you already know that you are allergic to something but you aren’t quite sure to what is time to visit a doctor. This one can diagnose you about which foods or elements you are allergic and suggest the medications you need to control allergic reactions.
  • Be Careful About Where You Eat: Some restaurants are worse than others for these cases. For example, the exposures of food in a buffet-style restaurant can tray allergens from one dish to another. Unlike home cooking restaurants that are a better option, even when they are harder to find almost everyone cooks from scratch.

On the other hand is food poisoning. This can be a very awkward situation for those who pass through this but that doesn’t mean that couldn’t happen to you. The range of symptoms from someone that experience this could vary from moderate to a life-threatening condition, and if the situation increase may need medical care. For this cases, is important to have an action plan that includes contacting a healthcare provider, package the suspicious food and reported it.

Food poisoning can be lethal for anyone, in other cases, the symptoms could be treated at home but is a decision that must be taken by the healthcare provider. If you have been through this situation and see someone through this don’t hesitate about calling 911 or contact a specialist for managing the situation. People who have gastrointestinal disorders or allergies are more susceptible to be in this situations.

In essence, food network is a delicate business in every sense. All you need to know is that not always the first place that you found would be your best option –independently if you are saving money or not– because your health must be a priority option at the moment you eat and maybe is time to replace some parts of your lifestyle and start eating more homemade and less in the street. It all depends on you.


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