Pizza Hut Is Changing Up Its Original Pan Pizza Recipe

 Pizza Hut Is Changing Up Its Original Pan Pizza Recipe

Pizza Hut is changing its signature pan pizza with more sauce, crispier crust and a different cheese blend. It’s the first change for the item in 40 years.

According to the Plano, Texas-based company, the new pan has been in the works for three years. According to Penny Shaheen, senior director for culinary innovation and strategy at Pizza Hut, said the new pan will make the crust crispier. Without giving away the secrets, Shaheen said the new pan using new technology that will lead to a thicker crust with a crispy edge and chewy center.

She went on to say the ratio of sauce to cheese was slightly increased, and they are changing up the mozzarella cheese from whole milk to part-skim to improve the pizza’s texture, giving it a better flavors and bite.

The company is launching the new Original Pan Pizza with a price of $7.99 for a large two-topping pizza but must be ordered online.

Pizza Hut’s sales have been flat for the last 10 years with yearly nation sales around $5.75 billion. Domino’s, however, Pizza Hut’s competitor, has seen a 112.8 percent increase in sales since 2009 after changing up its pizza. Another reason for Domino’s success is the early adoption of digital technology.

Pizza Hut has been trying to changing its menu since 2014 with lighter offerings, new flavors and toppings that customers could add to their crusts. The move didn’t generate the sales the company had hoped.