New Swiss-inspired Restaurant To Open In Cypress

Daniela Kelly April 20, 2019
 New Swiss-inspired Restaurant To Open In Cypress

Cypress is about to get a new Swiss restaurant that will offer gooey melted raclette cheese.

Edelweiss is set to debut mid-April at the Lakeland Village Center development inside the Bridgeland community of Cypress. Swiss native Markus Klauser is the mastermind behind Edelweiss. He will be the head chef. He co-owns it with William Payne and their wives who live in Cypress.

Klauser has worked in the restaurant industry with his aunt who owns an eatery back home. However, while in the U.S., he started to miss the Swiss cuisine. He said the Swiss see dining has a way to bring family and friends together. He said through dishes like the raclette cheese will amplify this kind of experience.

Diners can choose from a large array of cheese rounds, scraped and melted table-side onto meat, pasta and vegetable dishes. Some traditional Swiss dishes to be offered include:

  • Alpermagronen – penne pasta peppered with creamy cheese sauced potato cubes and onion crisps on top
  • Zurcher geschmetzeltes mit rosti – beef strips and mushrooms in a made-in-house gravy with Swiss hashbrowns

Payne said Edelweiss can be the place people can come to relax and hang out with their family and friends. He said the goal is to make dining something eventful rather than a quick spot for a meal.

When Edelweiss finally opens in the Lakeland Village Center, it will be one of many new restaurants in the area; Local Table is one other restaurant to open.

Edelweiss will be open Tuesday through Sunday; closed on Mondays.


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