Krogs Announce Dory Restaurant Location

Daniela Kelly March 31, 2019
 Krogs Announce Dory Restaurant Location

The Krogs have announced where their restaurant “Dory” will be located – Along Brookhaven Circle; adjacent to Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen.

This will be the first restaurant for the couple, Dave and Amanda. Dave has worked as a chef for an array of fine dining restaurants including Morgan Freeman’s Madidi in Clarksdale and Erling’s. When he left Erling’s, he began hosting several dinners known as Gallery, which he said has guided him to create the atmosphere Dory will have.

Dave said Gallery allowed him to do what he wanted, as he wasn’t working for anybody but himself. He said he did what he wanted. People would tell him that they didn’t care what he did; they just wanted him to cook.

Dory, which is named after the couple’s daughter and Dave’s grandmother, will include some of this type of cooking – a chef’s dinner for four people with multiple courses and drink pairings. The restaurant’s menu will change with the seasons, but its specials will include the availability of local items.

Amanda said it’s going to be the same Dave Krog that people know.

According to Dave, he will use French techniques with sourced ingredients. He is working with local farmers to use their products in what he is dubbing Dory as a veg-centric restaurant. That’s doesn’t mean Dave won’t offer meat; he will absolutely do so!

While the two-story building is still in the design stage, the plans are for it to seat 25 people upstairs and 72 people downstairs, which includes 16 at the bar. Besides the seating, it’s not known what the upstairs will also be used for – private parties, special dinners, overflow seating, etc.

The couple is calling Dory the “polished casual” dining experience. It will open first for just dinner, but will eventually be open during lunch. It will also include a high-end liquor and wine list.


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