Jack In The Box HH Brewtus Adios Recipe

Daniela Kelly September 30, 2022
Jack In The Box HH Brewtus Adios

Wow your taste buds with the funky blend of flavor erupting from an elegant mix of tea, curacao and some sweet and sour. Top this fine blend on ice with some Lemon and Lime soda to give that sharp taste you will love.


  • Long Island Tea mix, 1¾ oz.
  • Sweet and Sour, 4 oz.
  • Lemon Lime Soda, 1 oz.
  • Blue Curacoa, ½ oz.

What you’ll need

  • Brewtus glass
  • Spindle mixer
  • Ice


  1. Fill up the Brewtus glass with ice until it is heaping full.
  2. Into a mixing tin, Pour the Long island tea mix, Blue Curacoa, Sweet and Sour then spindle mix for just 2 seconds.
  3. Pour the content of the mixing tin into the Brewtus glass to the half-inch mark. Garnish with Lemon Lime soda.

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Nutrition Facts

There is no nutrition information is available for Jack In The Box HH Brewtus Adios but feel free to check out the Jack In The Box nutrition for other dishes.


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