Illegal Burgers Can Add CBD To Its Food or Drinks For Customers

Daniela Kelly January 16, 2020
 Illegal Burgers Can Add CBD To Its Food or Drinks For Customers

It’s known as the Green Rush, with people trying to come up with a safe and lucrative way in which to get involved in the CBD industry. And, for this reason, it’s led to the development of many exciting opportunities that can unsettle the market.

One such model includes the restaurant industry.

For instance, Denver-based restaurant, Illegal Burgers, is widely popular for its food, but it’s also got a limited line of CBD products that can be put into any food or drink patrons want. Though it’s the burgers that garner the most reaction, health-conscious consumers can try the gluten-free items, quinoa bowls or black bean veggie burgers.

Illegal Burgers Founder and CEO Jim Nixon said, he got involved with the CBD industry after his son, Jordan, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Jordan was given steroids, opiates and other things that included side effects and still suffering. This was when Jordan chose to use a natural method such as CBD oil.

Within three months, Nixon said, Jordan shocked doctors with the MRI results, showing a positive change in the brain lesions. He said the family was skeptical about CBD but embraced it after the fantastic turnaround in Jordan’s disease. Nixon said the family chose to combine the love for restaurants with the health benefits CBD provides to develop a way consumers can enjoy their foods while learning about CBD.

This led to the birth of Illegal Burgers.

The restaurant’s mission is to assist others with the recruitment of similar-minded individuals who want to own an Illegal Burger restaurant themselves. It’s the first CDB restaurant franchise that lets owners differentiate themselves on the market.

Nixon said food is the universal language, which he feels makes the restaurant an excellent way for people to learn about CBD and how it can have a positive impact on their lives.

In Dec. 2018, the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 became law that read removing hemp from Schedule I controlled substances would make it a typical agricultural commodity. The provision was then added to the 2018 Farm Bill.

All Illegal Burger CBD products come from hemp and have no THC in them. This means you get the health benefits but no side effects. Any customer of Illegal Burgers who do not want to have CBD in their products will not see CBD added to their food or drink. Those who do can request the addition.


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