How You Can Become A VIP During Your Next Restaurant Visit

Daniela Kelly May 31, 2019
 How You Can Become A VIP During Your Next Restaurant Visit

All restaurants claim that they treat all diners the same, but don’t you believe it! The reality is this: no matter how great the service and food, there is always a VIP who gets better treatment than you.

For example, one restaurant goes out of their way to ensure President Donald Trump is not seated near a window. And, one former presidential candidate like to drink multiple shots of Crown Royal. While it would seem the famously rich individuals are the ones getting the VIP, the truth is a VIP can be anybody. How can you be treated with the VIP status each time you go out?

3 Tips To Become A VIP At Restaurants

Visit Regularly

One of the first ways in which to be treated like a VIP is to go often to your favorite restaurant. For example, at Minibar, people who come at least four times a year are considered regulars, spending around $275 on a tasting menu. Most people don’t have that kind of cash, but the majority of restaurants don’t charge their customers like that either.

All you have to do is be a familiar face for the staff to recognize and know your name. Build a rapport with the staff, allowing you to become a regular. For some restaurants, this can be done in a week – sometimes two. The more you visit, the more likes and dislikes the restaurant learns about you, ensuring you get the kind of service and meal you like.

Be Nice

Believe it or not, being demanding about wanting something or getting a freebie does not translate into special treatment. And, you can’t say you know the owner or chef to get that treatment either. Do not ask the staff if they know you are because chances are, they have no idea. If a boss lets them know ahead of time that you’re coming, then that’s how they know they need to treat you with the VIP status.

Look Interested In The People and Food

Make sure the staff is treated like human beings because they are. Give them a good tip, which can help to develop a good rapport with the servers, bartenders, chefs and managers (don’t overdo the tip here). By treating them like humans, they’ll want to treat you well.


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