Gaines’ Magnolia Table Restaurant To Offer 10 New Cuisines For Spring

Daniela Kelly April 04, 2019
 Gaines’ Magnolia Table Restaurant To Offer 10 New Cuisines For Spring

Chip and Joanna Gaines are welcoming the spring season and celebrating their year in business with the offering of 10 new menu items. The winter soups will be gone, but the berry-filled salads and pear lemonade are making their appearance on the menu.

The couple, former Fixer Upper stars, shared the news through their blog with lots of food pictures.

Joanna said the seasonal recipes are a testament that spring is around the corner, and they want their restaurant – Magnolia Table - to be a reflection of the season’s sounds, sights and smells.

The Gaines’ opened the Magnolia Table in February 2018, which makes this the second spring season for the business. The restaurant is opened for breakfast and lunch and serves an array of foods such as burgers, biscuits, breakfast tacos and more.

Egg lovers can partake in the asparagus quiche with fontina cheese, which is made of a flaky pie crust loaded with eggs, asparagus and a mixture of two cheeses – fontina and Gruyere. It also comes with simple greens and tomatoes.

For those who want something even flakier with their eggs, Joanna made up the classic egg salad and serves it on a buttery croissant with tomatoes and lettuce.

Another thing the couple added to their menu is a tea sandwich samples trio, which are small tea-party sandwiches of pimento cheese, egg salad and chicken salad. The spread comes with a harvest wrap and spring berry salad.

The harvest wrap is made with fresh watermelon radishes, cucumber, tomato, mixed greens, and avocado, which caused some ruckus in their household last year.

According to Joanna, she wanted the avocado toast to be included in the Magnolia menu – in an effort to add some light options for those watching their weight. Chip, on the other hand, called the combination nasty. However, it’s clear who won that argument – the avocado toast can be found on the menu.

Along with the tasty brunch foods, the spring menu offers some sweet foods such as fruity lemon blueberry pancakes.

Joanna created the concoction from a classic short stack and added blueberry, lemon butter and lemon zest. And, using her leftover lemons, she came up with the freshly-squeezed prickly pear lemonade. The sweet menu side also includes a classic carrot cake with loads of cream cheese frosting.

For individuals who won’t be making the trek to Texas in the near future, Joanna’s first cookbook will include many of the new spring menus.


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