Four Foods Every Restaurant Should Have On Their Menu and Do Right

Daniela Kelly May 03, 2017
 Four Foods Every Restaurant Should Have On Their Menu and Do Right

Going out to eat these days isn't as enjoyable as it once was. Too many restaurants try for an elaborate menu filled with great sounding dishes, that are often only of mediocre quality. If a restaurant wants to be a true success here are 4 foods that they should have on their menu and make sure that they are cooked to perfection.

Burgers and Fries

Almost every restaurant in the United States and many around the world offer burgers and fries on their menu. However, the restaurants that really stand out are those who manage to prepare the burger in such as way that it is tender and juicy and filled with flavored. There is simply nothing that customers hate more that a greasy hamburger on a soggy bun or one that makes a customer feel as though they chewing on a hockey puck. Unless of course it is those soggy greasy fries, that makes people break out just looking at them. French fries could be crisp on the outside, and and firm but somewhat soft on the inside giving the person who are eating them two different textures in each bite. The only thing that restaurants can do worse than serving soggy french fries is serving those fries blackened and too hard to bite into.


Chicken is served in a variety of different ways and enjoyed as part of restaurant cuisine all over the world. Regardless of how that chicken is cooked if you want your customers coming back then you better make sure that the chicken you serve is tender and well seasoned whether it is fried, baked, or used in a curry or stir fry. If your customers can recognize the meat in the dish as chicken then you certainly haven't cooked it properly.

Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood is another food that is popular all over the world, but few restaurants cook to perfection. Well cooked and well seasoned fish can make your restaurant and have people filling the seats on a regular basis. However, do those fish dishes badly and customers will be out the door and probably never return. Fish that is overcooked often has a rubbery texture that is anything, but enjoyable while fish that is underdone is not even edible. Getting a fish dish right can really make your restaurants reputation.


Rice is another one of those universal dishes that are served in most restaurants around the world except perhaps in the United States where it is often missing from the menu. However, because rice is cheap and extremely versatile it can be used in a number of creative dishes or served as a side at very little cost. There are also so many different kinds of rice that choosing one is a simple process and preparing rice properly can really earn your dining establishment Kudos. Best of all this inexpensive grain can be served as an appetizer, main course, and even a dessert offering, making it one food that can really help to increase those profit margins.

While no one is suggesting that your dining establishment serve only these four foods, having them on the menu and cooked right can help your restaurant to bring in customers and turn a nice tidy profit.