Foods To Try In Indian Restaurants

Daniela Kelly May 03, 2017
 Foods To Try In Indian Restaurants

Many people who like to dine out enjoy trying dishes from different parts of the world. However, sometimes it can be difficult choosing from all unfamiliar dishes on a menu especially if you know little or nothing about the cuisine. In order to help those who are sampling Indian food for the very first time, here are a few dishes you might like to try.

Indian cuisine if often highly spiced with a variety of spices including garlic, ginger, cardamon, saffron, coriander, coconut, curry powder, paprika, and a variety of peppers. For those who love spicy foods there is simply nothing better than Indian food.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a spicy dish made from either lamb or goat cooked in oil at a high temperature and then served in a rich gravy based on browned onions, yogurt, garlic, ginger, with bay leaves, cardamon and cinnamon. Normally chips made from tortillas are served with this dish.

Pov Bhaji

Pov Bhaji is a bread made from wheat flour into small individual loaves and served with a thick potato curry with onions coriander and lemon baked in a butter pov. It is a spicy creamy dish loved by people all over the world.


For those who need to eat gluten free, then Dosa is a perfect dish. Dosa is a fermented crepe made from rice and black lentils and ofter served with a coconut chutney and Indian pickles. This is a favorite breakfast dish in Indian as well as a stable of Indian street vendors.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is another Indian dish that is loved by people all over the world. This dish is made by marinating chicken overnight in yogurt and a number of spices including a garlic and ginger paste, garman Masala, lemon or lime, coriander, turmeric and chili. The chicken is then traditionally cooked in a tandoor but, may be grilled or panfried and the sauce is made from a tomato puree seasoned with a number of spices and rich cream.


Raita is a curd dish that can either be used in the preparation of other dishes or eaten by itself. This dish is made using cumin and mint and is a favorite among those who really enjoy Indian food.

Palak Paneer

Is a dish made of spinach and Paneer (a thick cottage cheese) in a thick curry sauce. The spinach is pureed and the cottage cheese is made into a thick curry sauce.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer is a dish of cottage cheese prepared in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes, and spices. It is a mainstay of Indian cuisine and is mainly eaten with Indian Breads.

One of the most amazing things about Indian Cuisine is that most of the dishes are made from simple every day ingredients to which spices are added to create a dish that is really something special and unique. This makes visiting an Indian Restaurant and sampling some of these incredible tasting dishes well worth your time.


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