Fast Food Restaurants Use Bacon To Lure Customers In Their Doors

Daniela Kelly April 13, 2019
 Fast Food Restaurants Use Bacon To Lure Customers In Their Doors

If you think you’re seeing bacon on the menus of more fast food restaurants, you are not imagining things. In the last 10 years, there’s been a five percent increase in the number of bacon items on fast food menus. In 2018, bacon was on 68.1 percent of all these menus, and it’s believed that 69.8 percent of fast food menus will have bacon on it.

People have always been obsessed with fatty meat. For example, A&W Restaurants claims it invented the bacon cheeseburger in 1963 after customers were asking about bacon being put on their burgers.

Since then, bacon has become much more than a breakfast item; it’s been a food that has spruced up various dishes. For example, bacon bits can be purchased at supermarkets, and restaurants are using the meat on pizza, wrapping vegetables, etc.

Multiple fast food chains are bringing customers in with the use of bacon. For example, Burger King now offers cheesy bacon tots.

NPD Group Food and Beverage Analyst Darren Seifer said bacon changes the flavors of food. Carl’s Jr.’s offers a bacon truffle-flavored burger and fries with the bacon complementing the new flavors.

Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and McDonald’s raised their prices to prop up sales after foot traffic declined. Since bacon is on their menu, it allowed them to justify the price hikes.

McDonald’s, for instance, added bacon to the Quarter Pounder and Big Mac burgers and offers cheesy bacon fries. While it’s a limited-time offer, it tends to lead to more customers and food traffic. It even held a “bacon hour,” giving free bacon to its customers with any order.

Wendy’s has offered a free Baconator cheeseburger to people who use DoorDash, a third-party delivery service. The only thing they had to do was purchase $10 worth of food, and they get a free burger and no delivery free.


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