Experience the Gastric Delights of a Food Trail

Daniela Kelly May 03, 2017
 Experience the Gastric Delights of a Food Trail

Popular in Europe, food trails are a way for people to get to know about certain areas of a country through sampling some of the best foods served in a certain area. Here are some of the things you may experience on different food trails.

Walking Food Trails

Walking food trails are usually limited to a certain area, and usually only cover a couple of miles. These food trails are actually tours of different restaurants and street vendors in a small area and each stop on the tour may offer a different experience. Oftentimes, the food trail guide or tour guide is an expert in food preparation often a well know chef in the area. Your experience runs to tasting local fare prepared by the establishment or vendor who prepares the dish the best. In some cases, you may actually have lunch with a chef, or enjoy some wine tasting with the wine maker.

Normally food trails are scheduled on set days, or for special occasions and there is a charge for being part of the food trail.

From Farm to Table

Another type of food trail traces you dinner from the farm that produces the meat and the vegetables through to the kitchen where the food is prepared ending with a sampling of wonderful dishes fresh from the farm to the dining room table. These types of food trails will give you a whole to appreciation for both farmers and the preparation that goes into these exquisite meals.

Food Trails That Specialize In One Type of Food

Some food trails may specialize in one type of food such as seafood. This type of food trail offers a look at a wide variety of dishes made from a certain type of food. It never fails to amaze people the number of dishes and the variety that can be from one main ingredient.

Some food trails also give complete demonstrations of preparing dishes, while others simply describes what goes into the dishes you are trying. In both cases, you do get a great look at the passion that these chefs have for food and a wonderful look at the area through the food you sample.

Are Food Trails A Good Idea?

For single people and couples who enjoy learning something about a culture through it's food, a food trail can become the highlight of a vacation. They are an extremely fun way to sample much of the local cuisine and make notes of restaurants you may want to return to for sit down dinner.

They probably are not a great idea for families with small children, as most children want a little more excitement during their vacation than simply walking around, visiting different kitchens and sampling menu items. However, some teenagers may like the idea of a food trail as one of the activities to enjoy during a vacation. You know your family better than anyone so, deciding whether or not to include a food trail as part of your vacation experience is going to be entirely up to you.


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