Dunkin’ Offers Array Of New Menu Items For March

 Dunkin’ Offers Array Of New Menu Items For March

Dunkin’ recently unveiled a plethora of new items to its menu, including the sweet black pepper strips of crispy bacon that’s served in a sleeve to help with the on-the-go snacking.

According to the Canton-based coffee chain, consumers can satisfy their snacking cravings without the need to settle for something boring. People who want a satisfying snack don’t have to worry about the choices offered at their desk, vending machine or office kitchen.

The Snackin’ Bacon, which includes eight half slices of bacon, is a worthwhile alternative and can be enjoyed at any time.

And, to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day March 17, Dunkin’s is offering its Popular Irish crème coffee flavor, which will be available in hot, frozen or iced. It’s also offered in Americanos, cappuccinos, espresso drinks, lattes and macchiatos.

Dunkin’ is also introducing the Lucky Shamrock donut, which is a yeast ring doughnut topped with green icing and special sprinkle blend for St. Patrick’s Day.

Customers can also enjoy the Sausage Scramble Bowl or Egg White Bowl. And, from now until May 19, Dunkin’ customers can get two Sausage, Egg and Cheese Wake-up Wraps for $3.