Cornbread Owners To Open 3 New Restaurants In Pittsburgh Area

 Cornbread Owners To Open 3 New Restaurants In Pittsburgh Area

Soul Food restaurant Cornbread is expanding its services into three Pittsburgh-area Wal-Mart stores. The three restaurants will open this year, with the first being opened on July 5 in the Walmart in West Mifflin.

Adenah Bayoh, who co-founded Cornbread with Elazie “Zadie” Smith in 2017, said the expansion is the conclusion of two hard-working years. The women raised $1.3 million in private funding for their startup costs. Cornbread is a farm-to-table eatery that focuses on traditional soul food dishes that uses only hormone and steroid-free hormones.

Bayoh said Cornbread was developed out of a belief that people could eat healthy foods with family and friends while also investing in the employees. She said the goal was also to make the food accessible, which is a big reason they teamed up with Wal-Mart.

Along with offering soul food in Wal-Mart, the initial Cornbread location will offer 35 new jobs, and many of its menu items’ ingredients will come from farmer’s markets and local farms. Bayoh and her partner chose to expand in Pittsburg because of its citizens’ interest in food. She said the key is to increase Cornbread recognition across the nation.

Bayoh, who owns three New Jersey IHOP franchises, said she wants to increase the accessibility of soul food to the communities in the area. She said both of them feel people should be able to enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant and feel good about the food they’re consuming.

Bayoh said she’s looking forward to making the restaurant become a franchise.