Café Owner Uses Instagram To Entice Customers In

 Café Owner Uses Instagram To Entice Customers In

Maree Suteja is a 50-something-year-old café owner who spends just as much time on the popular social media site Instagram as her two 20-something-year-old children who are obsessed with social media.

Suteja, a former school teacher from Australia who now lives in Bali, Indonesia, said she uses Instagram for her Crate Café to lure locals, expats and tourists in. According to the Café owner, she created Crate to bring in social media uses. It’s a bistro with a minimalist warehouse-inspired design using natural sunlight to light up the restaurant. It’s decorated in one-of-a-kind artwork, and dishes come out in picture-perfect style.

Suteja said anybody can make bacon and eggs but how do you get them so their picture perfect?

According to Suteja, most of her business is the result of being found on Instagram, which has amassed over 47,000 followers and is a mixture of the food and people posting with their food before digging in. She said Instagram works similarly to word-of-mouth, as people who like something will likely tag a friend or send it to someone they know.

Suteja said the only social media platform she uses is Instagram because people talk. With word of mouth happening through it, her website and emails, she doesn’t need anything else. However, she knows that seeing the same thing all the time can hinder her from growing. Therefore, she shakes things up by hiring a DJ for the weekends and introducing some new Instagram-worthy items.

Suteja said Instagram is certainly one social media platform businesses should consider. While she doesn’t use it for personal reasons, she’s certainly making use of this nine-year-old platform.