13 Fast Food Creations That Came (and Went) In 2019

Daniela Kelly December 04, 2019
 13 Fast Food Creations That Came (and Went) In 2019

2019 has seen its fair share of new fast-food concoctions that are questionable in terms of customers’ health and logic. What are some more interesting ones that fast food companies thought would make the world go crazy?

Burger King – Taco

Burger King decided to stray a little from its regular lineup with the offering of a taco. Released in July, for just a $1, it was meant to compete with the infamous Jack in the Box taco. There are mixed reactions to this taco, with many considering not one of the greatest creations to enter the fast-food market.

Burger King – The Spicy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Many people love spicy food, so when BK introduced its spicy nuggets, they were a hit. However, the Spicy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich didn’t have the spicy reception the other spicy delicacies the fast-food chain brought forth.

IHOP – Pancake Burger

IHOP certainly caught consumers’ attention last year when it changed its name from IHOP to IHOB for a short time. This year, the restaurant focused on making a pancake into a bun for burgers.

KFC – Donuts and Fried Chicken

Move over chicken and waffles; there is a new player in town – the donuts and chicken sandwich. This sandwich saw its origins begin in September that helped to reduce the anger many felt about the Popeye’s sandwich outbreak.

KFC – Wings

As if the donut chicken sandwich wasn’t enough, KFC came up with wings. Sure, it may not have seemed too weird given that it’s a chicken place, but the saucy delectable were anything but delectable. Perhaps KFC should stick to what it knows best… fried chicken.

KFC – Cheetos Sandwich

If you love Cheetos and chicken, then the KFC Chicken Sandwich may be right up your alley. It looks like some college-aged kid came up with it, and while it looks odd, it’s really not as bad as it looks.

McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle

With so much attention on chicken this year, McDonald’s got in on the action with its McChicken on McGriddle buns. Sure, it was something new and different, but the two didn’t really sit well together.

McDonald’s Donut Sticks

There’s certainly nothing wrong with fried dough, even though it’s typically circular. However, McDonald’s aims to be different and fried dough into stick shapes. These donut sticks were served with a side of chocolate dipping sauce.

Pizza Hut – Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

The Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza is shaped like Cheez-Its, is known as a pizza, but doesn’t take like either one. Rather, it’s grease tasting with even more grease added to it with canned tomato sauce thrown on top.

Popeyes – Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Pie

If you love pumpkin pie, then the Popeye’s pumpkin and cream cheese pie is one of those must-try foods on the menu.

Starbucks – Tie-Dye Frappuccino

Starbucks released its Tie-Dye Frap in July, which look more like a melted rainbow than some tasty drink. However, for those who had it, it tasted similar to banana candy.

Taco Bell – Toasted Cheddar Chalupa

Taco Bell went with the fry it method first. Then, the fast-food chain decided it would smoother its food with cheese and fry it too. This is the birth of the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa – another concoction thought up by the college kid possibly.

Wendy’s – Breakfast Baconator

Wendy’s entered into the breakfast market with 300 test locations, offering its Baconator with egg and breakfast sausage instead of a hamburger patty. Needless to say, its market is doing quite well.


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